No Show Today

Kobe (Japan), at almost 2:00 PM on a weekday. Disappointed due to a ‘no show’. Well, that’s just what I thought. For all you know, this person could be resting after a meal, thinking about some job he’s got to do, in a pensive mood about an incident or an event in his life, waiting for someone or something; The possibilities are endless! The interesting thing is that there’s no one ‘right’ answer. ‘To each his own’, to a large extent. Be imaginative, but not vulgar.

The power of perspective is on show here (irony intended), and maybe that’s what every photographer aims at when he / she controls the shutter of his / her camera. Perspective is based upon the things you can see, the things you know of, like the empty stage and empty benches in the picture above. A point in case of being well-informed and having all your senses ‘open’ to input.

Perspective is based upon your experience up to that point in life. Read more, do more, see more, observe more and you can have proportionately more perspective.

Perspective is based on your mood, which is actually funny because the same picture might seem joyous, interesting, dull or disheartening at various times depending upon how you are feeling at that moment. Be ‘balanced’.

Perspective makes the world colorful and dangerous, tricky and interesting at the same time. Essentially, its what we are.

Sadly though, in a world obsessed with facts, results, speed and conformity, perspective is often relegated to be that last refuge which is sought after the moment has passed.

The moment passed….. a photographer’s worst nightmare!

5 thoughts on “No Show Today

  1. Perspective makes all the huge difference. It gives life to the subject at hand. A very interesting image. As you said, he seemed to be waiting, perhaps a bit disappointed that the show was cancelled. Or he could just be reflecting, perhaps it’s an anniversary of his wife’s death. The possibilities are endless. Thanks…

    • Thank you, and well said :). Perspective is what keeps the photographer and the viewer equally interested, and its funny how its almost ‘to each his own’. I sometimes feel that the beauty and the sorrow around us is born out of this fact. Its got to be one of the most amazing yet under-rated aspects of our lives!

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