Hiroshima: Edifice of Destruction, Example of Renovation

A few thoughts:

As I post this picture, I can’t help but remember the eerie feeling I had standing next to this A-Bomb Dome at the Peace Memorial Park last year. The arguments for and against the use of an utterly destructive weapon over an unassuming population to bring a rapid end to a massively bloody war might go on for a long time. One thing is for sure though: This structure remains a poignant reminder of how catastrophic war can be, and how the actions of a few jingoistic leaders can cause havoc in the lives of normal civilians. If the notion of violence and aggression is a human trait, so is the quality of reconciliation and renovation. In this vein, the city of Hiroshima needs to be lauded for the way it got back on its feet in just a few years’ time.

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