About this project

This photo-blog started off as an endeavor by me, Nikhil Kardale, to portray one perspective from the world around me, each day for one year. This was back in 2012. Doomsday or not, photographically speaking it sure was an apocalyptic year for me, in the good sense of that word. Not just was it a wonderful experience to post a picture each day with people liking and commenting on them, but looking out for fresh perspectives every time immensely broadened my horizons which helped me deal with daily life issues at home and at work. It also honed my photographic skills, which was one objective when I kick-started the blog. That said, probably the thing that I took away from that year was the smile that my picture would put on some face in some part of the world when the person would come across the picture I had posted.

This blog now continues to do so in a less regular way. I will keep posting about the ‘perspectives’ that I come across every once a while. I hope I get a chance to keep lighting up a face every time by bringing in some cheer, a new hope or a new way of looking at things through these perspectives.

For more on me, my experiences, my observations and my opinions, head over to my other blog: ‘Credo in between the lines‘.